Visit the tower…

All places are wonderful.
It is man and his actions that make those places more valuable or destroy them…
…where he acted with modesty and simplicity, the years, the centuries and the events make no difference;
an enchantment that renders motionless the flowing of time…

B&B Ancient Tower is the most characteristic place in the village of Viepri, situated in the municipality of Massa Martana (8 km), very close to Todi (13 km).
Its peculiar structure was built on the ancient gate to the village, above the small XVI-century church of S. Giovanni Battista, along the big medieval walls dating back to 1390.
The village is behind the Martani Mountains, with many woodland areas, several walking paths, and trekking or mountain-bike tracks.
It is located just in the middle of the region and all of the main tourist sites (Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, Montefalco, Spoleto and Valnerina) can be easily reached.


The tower windows and terrace overlook the surrounding countryside and the small village, where time seems to have stopped.
Its very recent restoration has been carried out with great care and attention, using only original materials.
The rooms, furnished with Poor Art, are spread over five floors and each of the three double rooms is equipped with a private bathroom. They can be split into two separate units, each with its own cooking corner and fireplace.
This is the ideal place to spend a holiday in Umbria between nature and landscapes, art and architecture, fine wines and cuisine, for a romantic weekend or quite simply for a relaxing break.

…and discover Umbria

Umbria is the green heart of Italy, the only central Italian region not bathed by the sea, and the cradle of mysticism due to being the home and stamping ground of numerous saints.
This land has a wide variety of "faces", as many as the visitor is able to observe, penetrate, discover, and experience.
Landscapes, history, environments, silence, and colors, all meld together and continually change in harmony with the seasons.
A mellow landscape, like in the backgrounds of Perugino and the first Raphael: delicate profiles of rolling hills, patches of oak forest in the valleys, vines and olive trees, houses dotted about the countryside fringed with poplars, outlines of towns on the hilltops, all this is Umbria.

Land of saints, Umbria has represented the historic cradle of great religious experiences: Benedetto di Norcia, Rita da Cascia, Jacopone da Todi, Chiara and Francis.
A medieval aura still pervades Perugia, as in Orvieto, Spello, Spoleto, and Todi, where the secrets of the past continue to live on in the present, in the splendid synthesis of history, countryside and art forming the fabric of the region. Narni, Sangemini, Arrone, and Polino are names that evoke visions of incomparable beauty, a truly Umbrian beauty: the greens of the forests and vines, oak and olive trees; springs of clear, pure water, uncontaminated lakes and rivers.

The ancient handcraft traditions continue to exist in the towns, ceramics has passed from a trade to become an industry at Deruta, antique weapons, like the crossbow are still handcrafted at Gubbio. Its typically earthy cuisine is enhanced by one of the most sought-after olive oils and famous, high-quality wines.

Art, history, spirituality, environment, traditions, and gastronomy are all the petals of the unique flower of Umbria, whose beauty resists against the ravages of time.